June 18, 2019

Adsense Arbitrage Overview

adsense arbitrage

Adsense Arbitrage : that means buying visitors and reselling them to the owners of ads ..! Sure, the idea has not reached you yet ..? Simply when someone creates a website, they will want to get visitors to watch their content so that they can sign up for Google adsense so that they can make money through the ads of companies and organizations that contract with the giant Google through google adsense

getting Internet visitors can be done in two ways:
1- getting visitors from search engines, social networking sites and others, free of charge.
2 – getting visitors from other platforms and sites or through social networking sites through marketing funded and paid.

As for the first method is very clear and easy What you need is to write very good content with the rules of search engine optimization SEO and then after awhile your site will begin to get visits from the search engineer

The second method depends on investment ..? By spending your money trying getting visitors via social networking sites or other platforms, those visits of course will see your ads and you will start to collect money

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