June 18, 2019

How to get free domain name from

FreeNom is a free domain registration site (TK, ML, GA, CF, GQ) for one year free of charge

 If you want more than a year you have to pay but at the same time you can book a domain for a full year free of charge, many know the site is a famous site, I will explain how to book a domain
first we enter the site of this link:
As seen in the picture this is the interface of the site:

How to book a free domain from the freenom site

We type the domain name we want to reserve and then press the Confirm button to continue
 After selecting the domain, press Vérifier la disponibilité
Different results will appear from the type of domain you want to book, we choose one of the available domins as in the picture

How to book a free domain from the freenom site and link it to Blogger

Click on comander to choose the domain, and we also note on the right side the five domain names, you can choose more than one domain and booking all domains
After choosing which Domins you want, click Checkout

This page will show us information about the domain,
Then we will complete the registration on the site where this page will appear

We enter the email address (you must be busy and have access to the activation message), then press the confirmation button, then we will get a message in the email where the activation link, we click it

After completing the registration, you must fill out the information (the information does not need to be correct), the way to fill the data in the image

Then we agree to read the terms and accept them, then press the blue button (complete the request)

We have now completed the domain registration process successfully, we will link it to Blogger, we enter the following link: Domins,
We choose the domain you want to link to blogger blog and then press Manage Domain

A page with information about the domain will appear, click Manage freedom DNS

Then we will see this page, containing the IPs we entered when we wanted to register the domain, we can delete the second line because it will not help us

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